VIP – Judith Jamison

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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Travis Wall – Portrait of the Young Man as an Artist

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At the tender age of eighteen, Travis Wall has accomplished more than most will in their adult lives. Trained in Virginia Beach at his mother’s studio, Denise Wall’s Dance Energy, he found his first moment of fame at the age of nine in a Dr. Pepper commercial playing himself essentially, a young talented dancer grabbing the spotlight from the rest of his classmates.

Embodying the best impulses of the online generation, Travis can regularly be found multitasking his life in a dizzying variety of ways. One might find him texting friends and surfing the web while remaining fully present in a conversation at the same time he is customizing his phone with rhinestones. In his professional life, this takes the form of mastering a wide range of dance techniques, from tap to ballet to hip-hop, even gymnastics. An upbringing fraught with challenges yet nurtured by dance, Travis focus encompasses more than simply just steps. From intricate choreography to original costuming, the stage is a universe he inhabits relentlessly.

From his professional debut on Broadway in The Music Man to his latest work in concert dance with Evolution Dance Company under the direction of Mark Meisner, his strength, versatility and musicality sets him apart from most dancers his age. A passion for dance that trumps a desire for fame has led him to explore various projects in New York simply for the creative process. Despite his early accomplishments, this star shows no signs of fading. His journey has only just begun. Who knows where we’ll see him next?