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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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The Winger Becomes a Role Model for iPhone Users

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Kristin Sloan never stops. As a ballerina at New York City Ballet, she pointes online as much as she does on stage, if not more. Founder of the hyper-creative blog The Winger, about dancers’ lives more than about dance itself, Sloan is one of the “normal people” featured in the new iPhone campaign currently on all the major television networks. By modernizing the ballet world with The Winger, Kristin brings freshness to the dance world by showcasing dancers and their lifestyle with their own words, snapshots, stories, and with a total freedom of speech, via the blog..

Sloan explains in the current issue of movmnt the genesis of The Winger: It began as a mobile photo-blog of my dance life, and an experiment to see if people would be interested in the lives and opinions of dancers.” The network now includes over twenty-five individuals from around the world who are involved in all corners of the dance world: contemporary, modern, ballet, onstage or backstage. “They contribute to the dance world in unique ways, and are generous in sharing their experiences with us.”

In the current issue of movmnt magazine (Got Fame? | Fall 2007), on newsstands nationwide, we selected with Kristin Sloan insights from her world as well as slices of life from four other Winger contributors, including American Ballet Theatre Principal David Hallberg and Miki Orihara, from Martha Graham Dance Company.

After creating The Winger, appearing in an iPhone commercial, all while rehearsing for the upcoming NY City Ballet season, Kristin Sloan is still full of surprises. She recently managed to find the time to launch a brand new private social network “for individuals with a vested interest in the future of dance” called The(Inter)Mission. The site works pretty much like Facebook. With a very intuitive interface, members create their profile, join or create groups of interest by theme, style of dance, company, etc., or simply post pictures or text on your home page, create and share a slideshow, post videos from your latest performance, the possibilities are endless. You can even join the movmnt group to discuss subjects to invistigate, suggest stories, debate published issues, or just be part of the movement…

With both The Winger and The (Inter)Mission, Kristin Sloan, in the same spirit as movmnt, is definitely helping the dance world reach a wider audience.

David Benaym

The Winger “iPhone” commercial