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The Fratellis – Costello Music

Submitted by on 24 Oct 2007 – 4:22 PM Comments

Best known for their hit single, Flathead, featured on the latest iPod commercials, the Fratellis will soon take over the American music scene with their already-in-progress US tour. In the simplest of words, their latest album Costello Music is pure fun. Imagine jamming out on an air guitar in your undies, jumping on and off your bed, headbanging; that kind of fun. All thirteen tracks mash together sing-along hooks with flashy, perverse- to X-rated lyrics, all of which promote uncontrollable dancing.

Fresh out of the UK, this rowdy trio of boys has conjured an album that is confrontationally dynamic, with trendy hints of Green Day and Squeeze. Costello Music is infused with an air of 1990′s Britpop and flirty, exhilarating guitar riffs reminiscent of The Clash. Costello Music is an experience best paired with a beer and burlesque photos of 1940s pinup girls (as dictated by their music videos and album covers).

However brash they might seem, there is nothing truly offensive happening here. At their core, The Fratellis are what frat-aged boys with guitars should be. But how they will top such a great album remains to be seen; this CD is an addictive must have.

Beth Konopka

First published in movmnt magazine “Hotel Culture” summer 2007 issue