VIP – Judith Jamison

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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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In Confidence: Teddy Forance

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Teddy Forance

Here with Janet Jackson, Meet a rare and brillant dancer: Teddy Forance

We first encountered Teddy Forance when Mia Michaels selected him to act as her muse for Movmnt’s “In Bed with Mia” Feature, photographed by Koury Angelo. Ever since, Teddy has spread his wings and continues to perform with outstanding artists like Janet Jackson as one of her lead dancers on tour, and has been a successful dancer working for various productions like Shrek Goes 4th. His roster is ever expanding. Movmnt had the opportunity to snag a conversation with this talented young dancer and discovered some of his true ambitions.

David Benaym: What is one of your biggest dreams?
Teddy Forance: I’m really focused on performing while I am young to get as much experience as possible. My ultimate goal would be to travel around the world exploring every style of dance. Whether it’s a tribe in Africa or in class in New York or L.A. I want to investigate all inspirations that this artform has to provide — finding the roots of dance.

DB: Any other dreams?
: To be in a show that Mia Michaels creates from scratch. She is my biggest inspiration and I would love to see what would happen if her direction and choreography were put on the same stage. Lately I have been working on getting back into as much ballet class as I can to transform myself into a whole new dancer, which will give me the opportunity to audition for contemporary dance companies around the world.

DB: What have you been up to in 2009?
TF: I’ve been working with Michael Rooney a lot. I did four Honda commercials, and we just did Dancing with the Stars.

DB: Were the commercials dance related?
TF: No, they weren’t dance related, it was more about capturing natural human movement… just how to capture people exiting a vehicle and knowing where to put the camera to get the right angle.

DB: What else have you been focused on lately?
TF: I’m also focused on the business side of my life. I’m 21 and I need to think about my future so I can be prepared when I start a family. I’ve really been inspired by a lot of people around me like Mia Michaels, Tony Testa, and Wade Robson to think about both the art side and the business side. That’s why it’s been crazy for me lately. I’ve also been working on Shrek, it’s coming out next year.

DB: You were on tour with Janet, what’s it like working with her?
TF She is a sweetheart and keeps us disciplined in rehearsals so we will be ready for performances. The second she enters rehearsal her energy is greatly respected and we know that it’s time to step up!

DB: You were one of her lead dancers on tour, right?
TF: Yes, it was an honor to step onto that stage and share with the arena what I do personally. My character’s name was “T5” the chosen warrior.

DB: But you’re a very peaceful person.
TF: That’s why they chose me for this role because of the way I control my movement.

DB: Does Janet consider herself a dancer? 
TF: She considers herself many things, I believe a dancer is one of them. Her movement sits deep inside her body especially because she made the music so she knows every little accent. Her experience is obvious when she steps onto the stage giving us that much more confidence to soar.

DB: Do you consider yourself a dancer?
TF: Absolutely! It’s my driving force that keeps me aligned and focused on my life’s journey.

DB: You’re one of the rare dancers with a moustache, if not the only one, where does that come from?
TF: (laughter) That’s from my dad.

DB: So you’re just carrying on the family legacy then?
TF: Yeah, I guess so.

Conversation with David Benaym,
Editor in Chief and Publisher of Movmnt Magazine