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42nd Speak – Part 1 – Alexandra Socha, Spring Awakening

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42nd Speak - Alexandra Socha

42nd Speak - Alexandra Socha

We all know Spring Awakening as the break out musical that pushed the boundaries of Broadway, and then went on to sweep 8 out of their 11 nominations at the 2007 Tony Awards. We remember Lea Michelle and her frail-naive portrayal of Wendla Bergmann, John Gallager Jr. with his frazzled-awkward character Moritz Stiefel, and Jonathan Groff as the forward-thinking, quick-tongued-revolutionary Melchior Gabor. People have seen the show once, twice, and some even hundreds of times. However, no matter the number of times it has been viewed, it’s still worth the trip and ticket to experience this show’s new found youth and vibrance. Unsurprisingly, the musical has experienced quite the turnover in the past few months, and with eleven new cast-mates having made their Spring Awakening debut the show has certainly experienced an awakening of its own. movmnt talks with a few of those personalities that are now adding new life to the show on a daily basis. In this three-part interview series, the actors who now play Wendla, Moritz, and the Adult Women, answer a few questions that probably wouldn’t have been asked in any other interview. Get to know the cast on a more relaxed level and experience the personalities that have revitalized a show that was once well on its way to the archives.

Alexandra Socha joined the cast in July 2007 as an Ensemble Member/Swing who got bumped up to Wendlain May 2008, taking over for Lea Michele. Socha’s portrayal of Wendla is unlike anything that can be expected from her small, frail appearance. Wendla plays as much the revolutionary as her on-stage counterpart Melchior, played by Kyle Riabko. Now with only a hint of young naiveté, Socha has made Wendla a girl who knows what she wants and is ready to take life into her own hands. It’s exhilarating to see a girl, so powerless-looking, take such control and give such a wonderful sense of uneasiness with the dark undertones in much of her delivery. There is nothing dark about Socha; however, her demeanor and presence gives only the impression of a young, eager, and determined, yet somewhat doe-eyed performer. In the first interview of the three-part series Alexandra Socha answers the questions you’ve all been wondering but only movmnt has the answers.

Alexandra Socha

Alexandra Socha

Movmnt Magazine: What was your biggest challenge while you were developing this role?
Alexandra Socha: It was a huge challenge to make the transition from being an understudy to owning the role myself. There were a lot more freedoms I could take with the character now that I didn’t have to be filling in for someone else. It was a challenge at first to free myself up and take more liberties, but I adjusted quickly and was able to discover more about the character and play it in a different way.
What did you want to be when you were growing up?
A Broadway actress. I never had any other plan in my head.
Do you have any unusual pre-show rituals that you do?
Not really. I do try to go upstairs and visit the other girls in their dressing room for at least ten minutes or so every day. It always puts me in a good mood to chat with them!
What Broadway star do you idolize the most and why?
My absolute idol is Kristin Chenoweth. I love how versatile her voice is. She can sing anything from opera to jazz to folk music. I was fortunate to see her live and her performance was just so energetic. The passion for what she’s doing just completely radiates from her on the stage.
Spring Awakening has a very large fan base. What has been the strangest gift that you have gotten from a fan?
I haven’t really gotten anything too unusual. It seems like the boys are the ones who receive the more outlandish gifts! There is one fan in particular who always brings us duct tape flowers when she comes to see the show. I think I have about 4 now – one day I hope to have a whole bouquet!
What is your favorite moment in the show?
My favorite moment in the show is definitely Mirror Blue Night. The first time I saw the show I was completely awestruck when the platform lifts in the air as those fluorescent blue lights come down from the ceiling. It’s an incredibly beautiful moment visually, but emotionally as well because you can see the pain Melchior is going through as he does his movements on the platform.
What is your favorite Disney character?
Ariel. Hands down.

Interview by Jordan Bradfield

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