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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Press Play Enjoy Your Stay

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These days, when one thinks of traveling, they often consider many things, such as accommodations, convenience, cuisine, nightlife, and most importantly, music. Many travel destinations around the world have extra polated this music culture phenomenon, creating music compilations that aspire to evoke the spirit and essence of their establishments, while catering to the diversity of their clientele. Not everyone has the opportunity to hop a flight to places like Ibiza or Par is, but anyone with access to the internet can order CD s online or download them from iTunes. It”s not as festive as being there, but it does get you a little closer to the allure of it all. Here are some recent examples of destination compilations that can be little vacations in and of themselves.

By Rami Ramirez

CAFE DEL MARCafe del Mar, Volume 13
Cafe del Mar is a very popular bar and cafe in San Antonio, Ibiza – famous for its beautiful views of the sunset. The first Cafe del Mar compilation was released in 1994. Thirteen volumes, two anniversary collections, and numerous spin-offs later, the series has sold over nine million copies worldwide, making it probably the most successful destination compilation. The music is meant to recreate the soothing yet up-beat atmosphere at the Cafe, where every summer night, visitors from around the globe party and bask in the glory of the Ibiza sunset. The latest two-disc offering from Cafe del Mar is Volume 13, and unfortunately the formula feels a bit stale this time. The selections stay in a very down-tempo range, and although the music is contemporary and pleasant, it’ss neither seamless nor dynamic. It doesn’t “take you there” like you want it to – it might be suitable to have in the background for dinner, but not for drinks later if you plan on dancing the night away.

BUDDHA BARBuddha-Bar – Ten Years
Buddha Bar, an extremely chic nightlife destination located near the Champs-Elysees in Paris, has produced a string of self named compilations since 1999 that have collectively sold over one million copies worldwide. This series of music compilations have showed the world that a place and its music can become inextricably intertwined. What might be dismissed by some as mere background music, nevertheless contains infectious rhythms and multi ethnic flavors. The latest compilation, Ten Years, is a retrospective of some of the more outstanding tracks released by Buddha-Bar through the years. Buddha-Bar compilations I and II compiled and mixed by Claude Challe, tend to be more avant-garde and edgy and less generic chill out lounge fare.

HOTEL COSTESHotel Costes 9
The opulent Hotel Costes, a luxurious Paris destination, has its own collection of CD compilations by DJ Stephane Pompougnac that debuted in 1999. However, the latest addition to the collection is disappointing. The selections are generally too slow and are void of lively interaction. Volumes 3 and 7 evoke the Costes experience much more than this ninth edition. The musical styles range from chill-hop to house, but the whole effect lulls you to sleep more than anything else. Perhaps they could leave this edition lying on their guests’ pillows.

MORGANS HOTEL GROUPMorgans Hotel Group, Compilation CD
By far the best compilation reviewed here, the opportunity to buy this CD alone is worth booking a night at any of the Morgans Hotel Group’s establishments. Exclusively sold at MHG destinations, such as The Delano on South Beach and The Hudson in Manhattan, these two discs are pleasurable but still fiercely eclectic, showcasing singles ranging from electro- pop to hip-hop, with amazing sound production and song writing. Standout tracks include “It’s For You” by Out Hud and “Time Is My Everything” by Ian Brown. Visit for more info on getting tracks from this collection. The compilation is only available at the hotels, but many of the individual tracks are available on iTunes.

W HOTELSW Hotels – Warmth of Cool_Interlude
This is the second in the Warmth of Cool series compilation from W Hotels Group. Although this is not a mixed set, the selection of music goes perfectly with the W brand: eclectic, edgy, and classy, all at the same time. Selections include Goldfrapp’s instant classic “Ooh La La” and the anthem “Emotion 98.6″ by Mylo. The first disc from the Warmth of Cool collection, Overture, along with Interlude, is available at all W Hotel stores and online at the W webpage.