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Pimp My Sneakers by Daniel Quinones

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Pimp my sneakers

Pimp my sneakers

“My kicks are cleaner than yours!” screams the designs on the shoes created by artist Daniel Quinones. He has allowed us to take a glimpse into his world of pimpin’ out shoes. In a world of mass production and rivers of mainstreams, Quinones strives for what today’s society lacks” individuality portrayed in his one-of-a-kind custom kicks. The epidemic of custom-made shoes has been around long before the who’s who of manufactured shoes made by top brands. Now everyone wants a piece of what is scarce and soul-perceived. Today, famous actors, artists, and anybody who is anybody invest in the endless pursuit of having the cleanest and freshest pair of transportation aka shoes of art. So, while everyone battled it out and the old-schoolers pointed and laughed, Quinones brought it upon himself to make his own one-of-a-kind customs with his art.

Daniel B. Quinones here to tell you about my pimped-out kicks. Well, it all started by browsing the net for kicks that were unique and had style. While I was browsing, I ran into the Sneaker Pimps website. Born in Puerto Rico but raised in Houston, I had never seen such cool-looking kicks. In my hometown of Alief, Texas, it’s just what you can find at the stores or by going to Sharpstown for some kicks that others might not have. So when I saw the site, I jumped on it and emailed them to be part of the show as it was coming to LA and I had recently moved to California. I contacted the guy who runs the gig and he liked my art and asked me if I ever made custom kicks before and I said yeah! So he told me, “Well, drop them off before the show and you’re in!” Well, I was as happy as a fat man eating a burger with a diet coke! But, the thing is, I had never made custom kicks before. I had no idea what I was going to do and I had five days to finish a pair of custom art shoes and drop them off.

Day one I had to pick a pair of kicks I owned to start going mad on them. I did not want to pick any of my kicks because I thought I’d ruin them and then I wouldn’t wear them again. I had no choice, so I just grabbed my dunks and put them in front of me and did what I do best – create art. I had no plan, no concept of what I was going to do; I just looked at the dunks and started creating art on them. I used acrylic, spray paint, Sharpies, and pen and ink to create the shoe. Four days later, I had finished one whole shoe but could not finish the other one in the short time I had, so I just took them what I created. I met up with the Sneaker Pimps cats and they loved them and off went one of the shoes to go tour the world with the show. I stayed with the unfinished shoe, which I still can’t wear because I only have one. So now when I look at the lonely shoe, I’m as sad as a fat man hungry for a burger and a diet coke with no money.