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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Paul Reilly – Accidental artist

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As I’m working in my draughty, dusty old warehouse studio, I look out onto the huge wasteland set aside for the London Olympics 2012.

It’s a mad time in East London where I live and work. As the planners and bulldozers move in, a whole new generation of immigrant workers arrive and add to the culture clash which makes London… well, London!

Starting out as a carpenter, I by chance happened to get a break while studying woodwork at a local technical college. After befriending a group of interior designers at the same school, my interest in design grew and I eventually decided to embark on a different journey and applied to study interior design myself. This led to various other courses and eventually I ended up where I am today. And a happy day it is!

My obsessions are as diverse as my visual styles, or so I’m told, which range from sketchy, frantic drawings to careful, painstaking studies. A friend once called it my creative schizophrenia. Should I be worried? At the moment I’m addicted to using random cell phone pictures, from vandalized bus stops to exotic flowers. For me, everything is inspiration in one way or another. I also have a weakness for Japanese anime, and can watch Hayao Miyazaki films on rotation. I collect vinyl art �limited edition collectible mini figures� and have a vast array of Dunny’s and a beautiful Monsterism collection.

Cover of movmnt Issue 2 featuring Rasta Thomas, by Paul Reilly, winter 2006

When I create my work I think of it as essentially an abstract process, and I try to balance out shapes and colors with endless tweaking, even though the result is basically figurative. I suppose you could say it’s a combination of mark making, digital effects, high fashion photography and my creative schizophrenia.

My current projects include contributing to the second annual collection of erotic work by various artists called: GRAFUCK, and working on my own collection of women’s swimwear. Olympic inspiration floats in the noisy window along with another layer of dust.

First published in movmnt magazine “Army of Me” Winter 2006 issue


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