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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Me The People by David Benaym

Submitted by on 11 Nov 2006 – 12:20 PM Comments

In order to form a more perfect individualism, establish personal justice, insure home networking, provide efficient firewalls, promote enjoyable extra incomes, and secure the joy of liberty to myself and my own fame, Me the People do ordain and establish this State of One…

This preamble is written to an as yet unwritten declaration of the rights of the individual to enjoy the unique freedoms that have been provided to us in the last ten years. Thanks to the evolution of communication, the media, the internet, citizen journalism, even shopping, we are leading the way to a change in how we think, act, and communicate with one another.

We are the witnesses and agents of a huge transformation in the way we live, trading the interface of traditional network TV and radio for self-created programming via TiVo and podcasting, enhancing the traditional reading of a daily newspaper with the addiction of blog surfing, quitting a multinational company for a smaller, more flexible, and infinitely more human independent business.

We are learning to trust a simple internet connection, an evolving network of friends and business contacts, and of course good old-fashioned ideas to become self-made soldiers of the “Army of Me,” a positive revolution that seeks to boost individual rights and knowledge. It does not always involve business-oriented initiatives, although those certainly have a place in our lives. Feeling good about yourself, your art, your position in society, your surroundings, developing opinions based on a balanced view of all perspectives, and actually feeling free to express those opinions are just a few examples of the power and the spirit that this army is capable of instilling in us.

Believing in free will, our society has evolved for the right of expression and a divergence of opinion more than many societies have, and that allows us to make a real change. Free to dissent, we can express the power of our union without sacrificing our individual perspectives. Now we are obtaining tools to make each individual voice matter more than it ever has before, which makes us stronger as a whole at the same time.

Me the people is a culture jam, a claim for diversity and tolerance, a personal statement that promotes the power of one, and the power of millions of ones.

David Benaym – Editor in Chief, Publisher

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