VIP – Judith Jamison

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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Movmnt presents Mario Spinetti’s first album

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Movmnt magazine is proud to announce its first music partnership. We are deliriously happy to sponsor MarioSpinetti’s first independently produced album. To celebrate, movmnt invites you to (re)-discover Mario’s hit title “Delirious” genially visually edited by Dan Babigian, featuring images of Danny Tidwell and Travis Wall from Moving Still, a life performance, choreographed by Lauren Adams. Mario’s first album will be availablein October as a gift for any 2 years subscription to movmnt magazine.

    Mario Spinetti was discovered by mainstream America this summer when Danny Tidwell danced a solo to Delirious on

So You Think You Can Dance

A day after the show, Spinetti had over 3,000 new listens on his MySpace. But don’t be fooled though, he’s no newcomer to the music industry. By the age 13, Spinetti had arranged, directed, and performed musical compositions for major television networks in New York City. By 16, he had taken a solo bow at Carnegie Hall and headlined a week-long tour in Mexico a year later.Spinetti’s genius comes from taking his life experiences and emotions he’s had to deal with, and developing them into different characters through song. I am inspired by people as metaphors. I spend most of my days contemplating social issues imbalances, wrong-doings, incongruities…

Every so often I see an individual who microcosmically represents everything I have been feeling. This person puts a face to my emotions and a character standpoint to write from. It is at this moment that I am able to create. There is no formula outside of Spinetti’s complete surrender to his process; dedicating his feelings to characters, his characters to music, his music to records, and his records to the world. In the Fall 2007 issue of movmnt, Mario wrote about his experience as an artist in his first column, “American Impotence.” For more news about Mario Spinetti, check out his myspace