VIP – Judith Jamison

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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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The Dowling Sisters Rock the Audition

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Wedgies: leotard is too short. Back fat: elastic is too tight. Love handles: waistline is too narrow. Quadruple butt: leotard doesn’t have proper coverage. These are all adversaries dancers inevitably face in any given dance class, audition, or performance, because let’s face it, dance clothes were made for bean poles. The long-legged sisters, Joey and Jacki Dowling, were altogether fed up with clothes that didn’t fit and didn’t flatter. So emerged Jo+Jax, a high fashion dancewear collection available online and at dance conventions around the country. Joey and Jacki started designing clothes for themselves while they were Radio City Rockettes. “I would wear my clothes to auditions and in practice, and people would come up to me and say, ‘where did you get that?’” Joey explains. Soon enough, they had hundreds of orders to fill from friends and fellow dancers.

Jo+Jax: They’re high fashion, they look good, they fit right, and yes, they are dance clothes...

Attention to detail is what makes Jo+Jax most notable. They scrutinize over the exact cuts to offer the most flattering lines, use colors that stand out, and even go as far as to put finger holes in the cuff of the sleeves on their sweatshirts. Jo+Jax offers various styles of gear that could accommodate any dancer, from baggy sweats to sexy backless racers. Their clothes could be worn to an audition, where you are sure to be noticed, or even on a night out with some strappy stilettos, a kick in the face to American Apparel. “We want to put our mark on the dance world where there is lack of a fashion sense …the Bloch world, and the Capezio world, they don’t do that,” Joey claims. The two sisters, who stay busy choreographing and teaching around the country, are convinced that what’s most important is that their clothes make you feel confident, comfortable, and most of all, get you noticed. So at the next audition, are you going to blend in, just another black leotard/black pant wearer? Or are you going to stand out? That’s for you to decide, but Jo+Jax offers the solution.

Anjuli Bhattacharyya