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Movmnt Magazine presents the second season of iVAN an online miniseries hosted by So You Think You Can Dance alumn, and Hip-Hop dancer/choreographer, Ivan Koumaev. i-VISION, i-ANALYZE, i-NETWORK behind the scenes of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 3.

iVAN Koumaev, correspondant for movmnt magazine

iVAN – Episode #1 – Catching Up

In this first episode iVAN hangs out with his buddy Kameron Bink in the streets of New York before getting to talk to the winner of the first season, Nick Lazzarini, about his opinion about the evolution of SYTYCD. An interview that turns into an hommage to the jumping mask “super heroe.” Then a trip to Detroit allows iVAN to catch up with his roomate/choreographer for this Season/Season 2 runner-up, Travis Wall on his way to the airport.iVAN #3 – How to…?

iVAN #2 – Waking up with a swinger

Episode 2 brings back Ivan in California where he wakes Lacey and Shauna up before talking a bit “moves” with choreographer Mandy Moore. Finally, follow Ivan’s step while he teaches in North Carolina.

The You Tube Player features the episodes bellow. For Episode 4.1 check at the bottom of the page to watch it hosted at movmnt.net

iVAN #3 – How to…?

iVAN #5 on SYTYCD 4 for movmnt – MEET THE TOP 6… LIKE

iVAN #6 on SYTYCD 4 for movmnt – FINALE RE-UNION

iVAN #7 on SYTYCD 4 for movmnt – BACKSTAGE PASS

iVAN #8 on SYTYCD 4 for Movmnt – Stay Famous with Lauren Gotlieb

iVAN – BONUS Track – GlitterVision with Neil Haskell

iVAN #4.1 on SYTYCD 4 for movmnt – Life of a Dancer with Tyce diOrio (Episode too long to fit on Youtube)