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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Nina J Chung: Grace and Gravity

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Combining photography, painting, drawing, collage and digital manipulation, Nina J. Chung facilitates an open-ended interaction with her images. Throughout the process, all the way from conception to photo shoot, to design and printing, she continually incorporates her classically trained hand and her fine art knowledge to retain the subject’s human qualities.Using dancers and athletes as models, Nina is constantly creating innovative ideas of how to ambitiously develop works that surpass 21st century ideals and depictions of one’s body. Set into stunning dreamscape backgrounds, these sensually ambiguous exposes of the human form beckon the viewer to participate in the images’ emotional vitality. With her stylized silhouettes, haunting multiple images, and icy minimalist approach to figures, Nina undoubtedly fills every piece with poetic purity of line and contour.

Grace And Gravity


Contributed in part by her collaborative efforts with the improvisational capabilities of contemporary dancers, her last two bodies of work articulate the fluidity of captured motion. Nina prepares slowly and delicately with a refined eye. She conjures a concept, be it a painted model on a rooftop or yards of silk fabric and wind machines. Then she collaborates heavily with her model about their style of movement and the emotional velocity of the piece. Once all is set, including makeup, hair, clothing, backdrop, sets and props (all provided and designed by Nina herself), she has been known to capture her images in less than fifteen minutes.While Nina’s untouched photographs remain striking, it is the time spent creating the multimedia collages that make her work breathtaking. Progressive techniques such as advanced Photoshop and her love for the da Vinci nude keep her work timeless. Stopping at nothing to consistently outdo herself, expect a new and more daring body of work from Nina J. Chung in the spring.

Beth Konopka

First published in movmnt magazine “Out of Line” Spring 2007 issue