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Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Confession of a Choreographer – Column by Mia Michaels

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Your reality is your reality. Your perception is your perception. Whatever your truth is, it is. Trying to understand the difference between your truth and the truth of others that has been embedded in your consciousness and being is a great challenge. How do we honestly know the difference? Go inside of yourself…

The answer lies there. There are two types of life warriors. The leaders and the followers. Being a leader requires constant seeking of one’s own truth. Being a follower is simply just believing and owning someone else’s truth. What are you? What is your beauty? What is your ugliness? What is fat? What is happy? What is perfect? What is love? What is art? What is? Your perception of your truth is what is, at this moment, in this time, and most likely ever changing. Everyone being wired and divinely programmed differently has their own truth. Every truth is valid and perhaps it’s the complete opposite of others’. Does it mean it’s wrong? Nothing is right or wrong…

It just is. Right or wrong is merely just your own judgment and perception. Creating my own right and my own reality, and beauty on a stage or screen is my truth at this time. My own vision and instincts are what makes me…me. My timing, phrasing, and choice of vocabulary is my right. What is corny or false to me could be the most brilliant thing for someone else? Seek your own truth. Stand strong in it. Know it. Own it. Follow your gut instincts and never question. Your reality is yours and your reality is perfect! Remember, my writing is my own little perception, of my own little truth inside this big vast world of billions of individual truths. Perfect.

My reality is my perception of my existence…I’m not sure if my reality is exactly where I would like it to be…I wish I could see all the blessings I have in my life at every minute of every day. Why is it always so difficult to perceive reality with positivity? Always inadequacy…

I want to devour the true reality of my life I no longer want to be numb to my wondrous journey, anymore seems like all I concentrate on is what I haven’t achieved yet in my life or what I’ve not become as a woman or artist… What about all I have become and achieved? I believe there is another way of existing and its my fantasy of the perfect life. The funny thing is…

I’ve dreamt of the life im living as a fantasy… Now it is my reality…My goal and treasure is to learn to pat myself on my back, smile and exhale… And most of all to open my eyes to the beautiful blessed life i have been given.

Mia Michaels -

* Mia Michaels is a world-renowned choreographer. She was recently awarded her first Emmy Award for Outstanding Choreography for Calling You, created in 2006 for Fox’s So You Think You Can Dance. Mia has been collaborating creatively and as a regular columnist for Movmnt since its inception.



    Holy crap….that was the most beautiful thing I may have read. It’s totaly true. For a while I’ve been trying to figure myself out as a dancer if it’s truely what I want. It is! It’s my truth! When ever I hear music I love a dance will pop into my mind and I wounder if I can actualy get it out there for the world to see. This article has opened my eyes, thanks so much!

  2. Morgan says:

    What is happening with dance right now is at the *tip* of beginning to take off.

    I can hardly contain my excitement for dancers. It has been a long time coming.

    Along with *many* others…you (Mia) should take pride (and yes pat yourself on the back) for what you have done, are doing, and will do for all of this wonderful talent that we have on this earth.

    And that is my TRUTH.

  3. sprightlylizz says: