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Army of Three – Interview with the Gregory Triplets

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Army of 3, the Gregory tripletsMeet Eliot, Julian, and Ryan Gregory – 22-year-old identical triplets from London. Having worked together growing up, this trio continues to work as adults modeling and acting. In addition to a long list of work individually, they have starred together in TV shows, fashion editorials, and advertising campaigns. Now this “Army of Three” talks with Movmnt for their first US interview.

We thought we would take the UK’s only triplet actor/models and see what makes them tick, what makes them unique when apart, and what brings them together. In order to find out the real story behind the Gregory Triplets, we have asked them to interview one another for this exclusive feature.

Julian – Being the manager of the Gregory Triplets’ MySpace account, what are the best and strangest offers you have had?

Ryan – I was skeptical of the benefits of MySpace, but have actually found it to be a great platform for us to meet interesting people. I do try and reply to most people. I feel it is right as they have taken the time to contact us. But, of course, there are people out there who send in odd requests. Lots of people ask us for signed items and autographs, which I coyly decline – it just doesn’t feel like we are at that level (yet). Many lovely things have come from MySpace such as this interview, free clothes, photo shoots with top people, TV offers, and lots and lots of people who seem to find us adorable – ha ha! Expectedly, lots of people are interested in our sexual preferences, but I believe that all the information is there to see if we wish it to be. But, the majority of MySpacers are top class people!

Julian – What are your best and worst memories growing up with Eliot and me?

Ryan – My best memories (which greatly outweigh the worst) are numerous. From holidays when we were kids, especially the trips to LA, to the places we’ve visited and things we’ve done while acting and modeling. Maybe one of the best was our visit to Barcelona to film the Renault Clio commercial. It’s a great city and, although we didn’t have a lot of spare time, we made the most of it, had a really great night out, and met amazing people. After all these years, we can still have brilliant times like we’ve all just met. It brings a tear to my eye… sob, sob.

The worst would probably be when it was my turn to be picked on when we were kids. Obviously it went round in circles, always two versus one. Kids can be so cruel, can’t they? Julian!!! Then there were the physical fights, like all kids. I remember lying on the grass in the garden after being clubbed with metal poles by you and Eliot. Or rushing off to the hospital after one of you threw a garden trowel at my head. But it makes me smile, really. Kids will be kids and all that…

Julian – What would you like to achieve in the next ten years?

Ryan – The next ten years? Jeez… that would make me 32! Well, us 32!!! Wow. Well, I hope to continue working with both of you. Our trip to America in 2007 will hopefully get our faces about a little Stateside. I’d like to see us all secure enough financially to be able to pay back our debts to mum. It’s not easy raising four children single-handedly, so if she’s sorted, I’m happy. I would also like to achieve being the first triplets ever to land on the moon and swim the circumference of the globe underwater on a single breath. Seriously though, I’d like the three of us to be featured in a blockbuster movie, get a few more modeling campaigns, and be well-known enough to do charity work. Not sure about being famous though, but I guess that is in destiny’s hands. Oh yeah, and I’d like to own my own restaurant and meet the Arsenal football team and Alicia Keys (ring me!).

Eliot – We have worked separately and together. What do you prefer and do you think this creates sibling rivalry?

Julian – Obviously, I prefer to work together as it makes the jobs much more fun! As you know, photo shoots and filming involve a lot of sitting around doing nothing, so it’s always nice to have you and Ryan to chat with. We joke around a lot which makes life on set easier for everyone! When we go to castings that involve only one or two of us, there is always some rivalry. We always used to share the money as kids but now we don’t, so there’s always that added incentive to get the job! Also, when it comes to modeling, it’s purely down to looks, so as Ryan has done the most, he thinks he’s the best looking! I’m sure he has even turned up to castings without telling you or me to ensure he stands a better chance!

Eliot – What traits do you admire in your brothers?

Julian – None! Only joking! I really admire Ryan’s drive and ambition. He has always been kind of the ringleader in a way. Always the one who organizes everything or looks after the money (even if he did lose 1/3 when we all went on holiday to Portugal!) Ryan runs our MySpace account and is always the first contact for ICM (our agency). He takes time out of his day to make sure that he writes back to everyone on MySpace and also organizes test shoots for our portfolios which obviously helps us in our quest to rule the world!

In you, I admire your football (soccer) knowledge. You are the person that got me and Ryan into football, as we were never any good at playing it in school. You do know a lot about Arsenal (being an Arsenal fan) and so much about football trivia. However, I don’t admire your taste in football teams as I’m a Tottenham Hotspurs fan and they have one of the biggest rivalries in English football! This does cause friction between us and things get especially heated when our teams play one another. You were always good at playing football and I wish you luck when you’re playing every other weekend in a pub football tournament.

Eliot – Our mum has raised us and our older brother single-handedly. You must have the utmost respect for her. What advice do you have for other single parents of multiples?

Julian – Our mum has done a fantastic job! It must have been very tough for her juggling a five-year-old son and newlyborn triplets, but she did an amazing job. There’s not one day that I look back and think that things would have been better with two parents! I hate it when people use the term “broken home” or “unstable upbringing.” In my experience, two-parent families can be more unstable! Our mum made sure that we had the best education by sending us to boarding school, Christ’s Hospital (which was featured in a TV program called Rock School.) And now we are all doing very well and looking to repay all the time and effort that she put into us as children.

My advice for single parents of multiples would be look past their young years when they are fighting. They will grow out of it and become the best of friends. No one can ever break that bond! When it comes to early teens at school, I would advise trying to split them up to give them some independence and make their own friends. This will allow them to lead a degree of separate lives, which will help when they’re older. Other than that, I would like to say good luck and send my heartfelt sympathy… sorry, admiration!

Ryan – If you could be a triplet with two famous people (dead or alive), who would they be and why?

Eliot – The first would have to be Thierry Henry (soccer player for Arsenal and France), very much alive and kicking (literally). He’s a very grounded guy and a true professional. To have a fraction of his athleticism and skill would be amazing. Also, being French, the ladies would melt to my accent. The second triplet, although a strange combination, would be Winston Churchill. He’s a true British Bulldog, and to have a brother with his brains and tenacity would be great. If I could be a mixture of these two, the world would be my oyster and nothing would be impossible, which would be a dream come true.

Ryan – Does growing up as triplets mean you are always compared? If so, how do you think you are compared to Julian and me, and how does this affect you?

Eliot – There are obviously always comparisons between us, primarily in order to distinguish us apart. With the comparisons come boxes and labels, and I think, in a way, it molds who you become. You have always been regarded as the most intelligent – a statement Julian would hotly contest. Julian has been the friendly, networking triplet, and I’ve always been considered the sporty one. As you get through your teens, it feels to me like, “If the hat fits, wear it!” It doesn’t bother me to be compared, but I do believe it has directed our lives to a limited extent… not that I’m complaining!

Ryan – Do you get on with Julian better or me, and why do you think this is?

Eliot – I have to say now I get on with both my brothers and my whole family very well. We are very close as a unit. I probably get on better with you; we drifted together more at high school and shared a few friends. A big reason is that we support the same soccer team, so we go and watch games together and bond in this way. We also live two minutes away from each other so we socialize together more. Julian likes slightly different things and has different friends so I don’t see as much of him. We often all go out together – mainly castings and parties, and we have a real laugh. I have two best friends who I can talk to about anything and I know it’s always going to be like that, so I’m happy!

Photography by Affa Chan


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