VIP – Judith Jamison

4 Jun 2010 – 6:12 PM Comments

Dancer VIP: Judith Jamison – Alvin Ailey former Artistic Director

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Music Review: Animal Collective

Submitted by on 26 Nov 2010 – 8:45 AM Comments

Animal Collective

Animal Collective

With an impressive nine albums in as many years, the perpetually unclassifiable Animal Collective has always been boldly experimental with not only the shape and texture of its songs, but the sheer number of enticing sounds crammed into each moment. The oft-labeled avant-garde group has been moving toward the commercially acceptable with each release, gradually employing prevalent vocal melodies and discernible lyrics over the course of their career. Appropriately, their latest, Merriweather Post Pavilion, can be appreciated as much for message as it can be for song construction and downright catchiness. It delivers moments of sheer dance-ability and provides plenty of fodder for pop purists all while dripping dollops of water and chirping jungle noises give the album a closeness to nature. Aurally, the vocals are prominent and thick as they drive the tracks through clicks, bleeps, and carnival-esque lunacy, occasionally aspiring to the harmonic heights of The Beach Boys. Whether in the mood for a brain trip or a simple pleasure, Merriweather Post Pavilion is a peppy, drunken thrill ride.

Liz Levine