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Danny Tidwell Sabra Featured In Movmnt Magazine's Keep it Real CampaignSabra Johnson Featured In The Movmnt Magazine Teaser For The Winter 2008 IssueNeil Haskell keeps it real


Starting in 2008, movmnt magazine will give back to the community. movmnt is proud to announce a new project, “Keep It Real,” a non-for-profit effort in the spirit of movmnt magazine, bringing the art world and pop culture together as a lifestyle as well as informing and educating about the world we live in. All details will be revealed in the Winter 2008 Issue featuring Sabra Johnson, Neil Haskell and movmnt magazine’s co-founder, Danny Tidwell, along with an exclusive never seen before fashion story and a very straight forward revealing conversation we had with the top 3 contestants of this year’s So you think you can dance.

Read also Their Reality published in Issue 6 :

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